Our Blue Hands Tee uses 100% GOTS/FLO Certified Organic Cotton sourced by Mila Fair Trade in India. The cotton farms are regularly audited by FLO Fairtrade to ensure farmers are paid a living wage & cotton is meeting standards. You can read more about Mila Fair Trade and their initiatives here.


The rest of our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton is sourced through SOKTAS. Founded in 1971, SÖKTAS are a leading fabric maker and supplier of luxury cotton shirtings. Their fully vertically integrated facility means that they have control over the entire production chain, from cotton growing, to yarn spinning, weaving and final finishing. The result is an extremely high quality fabric that is both long lasting and durable.


Cow in a Waitakere paddock



Our postal bags are made entirely from waste and are fully recyclable.

Our poly bags are made from plants and non-toxic inks. They are both home compostable and commercially compostable.

Our tissue paper uses ink made from soybeans and is completely acid free and FSC certified. The company runs an Eco-Packaging alliance in which a tree is planted in a place of need for every order placed. Read more about this initiative here.


Although we are trying our very best to reduce our impact on the environment and the people in the production chain, we are a work in progress. If you think you can help with anything please don’t hesitate to contact us.