Nuda Miro is primarily made in a small factory in a seaside town twenty five minutes from HQ, here in New Zealand. Organic & Deadstock fabric is sourced through our New Zealand supplier and taken by us to the makers. Cutting, sewing, trim, labelling and screen-printing is then completed under the one roof and after a few visits, the final piece is ready for us to collect.




Our T-shirts are made by our lovely manufacturer Mila Fair Trade in Tirupur, India. Mila is certified in compliance with the Fair Trade Act (ID28481), and are regularly audited to ensure a high standard of compliance. The makers here have many years of training behind them, and produce a high-quality of work in which we found could not be matched. Organic Cotton is sourced from local well-known farmers, and is hand spun by artisans in the region. It is then transferred to Mila, where it is cut, sewn, and labelled ready to be shipped. The look and feel of this Organic Cotton is far superior to its pesticide-sprayed counterpart and its weight has been carefully chosen to provide durability and prolong wear.